Industry 和 business partnerships

Sharing expertise to solve problems
We connect our leading researchers 和 students with industry, business 和 政府 partners. We're 工作ing with our partners to tackle issues ranging from climate change to mental health.


We have both the experts 和 facilities to accommodate your research 和 development (R&D)需要.

当你和必威体育app合作时, you'll 工作 with people who are leaders in their fields, 和 have the ability to solve some of the greatest challenges faced by industry, 企业和政府. 

You'll also have access to our state-of-the-art 设备和设施

必威体育app的 competitive rates ensure your organisation maximises R&D budgets, 和 allows you to claim the R&D税收激励. We can scope projects according to your budget without the need to hire or retain costly full-time staff. 必威体育app也可以 政府资助及补助金, which can increase your research budget. 


We're 工作ing on a number of meaningful research collaboration projects with our industry partners, 包括:

必威体育app的 multi-year partnership with 微软 establishes ongoing investment at the 悉尼纳米科学中心 as 微软 moves from research to real-world engineering of quantum machines.

This investment is bringing state-of-the-art equipment, allowing the recruitment of new staff 和 helping to build the nation’s scientific 和 engineering talent. It also focuses significant research project funding into the University, assuring the nation a key role in the emerging 'quantum economy'.

教授 戴维·赖利 is leading the team at Station Q Sydney (the Australian arm of 微软的全球Q站),并相信这一合作将把量子计算带出实验室,带入现实世界,从而产生真正的影响.

必威体育app正在与澳洲航空合作开发飞行计划系统,以帮助该航空公司飞行优化的航线, reduce fuel consumption 和 improve operational effectiveness. This is helping to pave the way for greater operational efficiency 和 supporting greener commercial aviation.

由教授 Salah SukkariehAustralian Centre for Field Robotics (ACFR), research has focused on how aerodynamics, 飞行力学, 大规模优化和机器学习算法可以用于设计更好的飞行计划例程和燃料预测模型.

该伙伴关系现在正在考虑以研究成果为基础,并将重点放在新的研究领域, 例如天气规避.

另外, 合作使必威体育app的学生能够与一个工业伙伴密切合作,为他们提供宝贵的商业经验,以便他们进入劳动力市场时能够迅速起步.

必威体育app的 大脑与精神中心 is partnering with the BHP Foundation on a five-year program ‘Right care, 第一次, 你住在哪里,’ combining local knowledge 和 lived experience with cutting edge research to create sustained, coordinated 和 digitally enhanced youth mental health care. 

A successful 9-month pilot program was run in 2020 with 健康的北海岸, provider of the North Coast Primary Health Net工作 (PHN). 拥有实时数据, PHN与社区和服务提供者合作,通过一个现已在该地区六个城镇实施的项目,重点关注社会联系. 

These local models will become a blueprint, to be scaled up or down to support the mental health service needs of communities across the country.

We have an ongoing partnership with international mining group 力拓(Rio Tinto), seeking to increase mining automation. 成立于2007年 工学院, 力拓(Rio Tinto) Centre for Mine Automation (RTCMA) 致力于开发和部署技术,希望交付完全远程自主采矿过程. 

The research partnership's next phase will focus on providing an improvement in safety, 可预测性, precision 和 efficiency of typical surface mining operations through automation.

In addition to 工作ing closely with 力拓(Rio Tinto), RTCMA has also contributed to training the next generation of mining automation engineers 和 technicians, 为必威体育app的本科生和研究生提供重要的接触与商业相关的现实问题.

In the modern 工作place, employees are required to continually update their skills to be successful. So how do we educate the next generation of students to equip them with the necessary skills, resilience 和 experience to secure their future in a rapidly changing environment? 

As part of our Industry 和 Community Project Units (ICPUs), students address complex problems on behalf of our partners. With Adobe, students are looking at “how we close the digital skills gap?” 和 are proposing solutions on how we should enhance the future of education. Adobe challenged our students to identify creative ways that businesses, 教育工作者和政府可以解决数字技能短缺的问题,并为澳大利亚毕业生提供有效领导当代数字劳动力所需的技能.  Find out more about the 工作 our students are doing with Adobe

Solutions to complex problems 如se cannot be solved in a silo. 因此, we bring together interdisciplinary groups of students to come up with genuine ‘out of the box’ solutions. Throughout the semester student groups have the opportunity to learn from 和 engage with, senior Adobe executives before presenting their final recommendations.

这只是ICPU众多项目中的一个,该项目让必威体育app的学生与领先的组织合作,解决现实世界中的问题. More than 70 organisations across six countries have engaged with over 5000 students. 必威体育app的学生提供的解决方案加强了这些行业伙伴关系的价值,以及让行业参与为学生创造真实教育体验的重要性.

Through our agreement with GE Healthcare, 必威体育app正在探索各种机会,以支持从实验室研究到生物技术制造的连续研究, 临床试验, 临床成像研究, adoption by the healthcare system 和 wealth creation through life science 和 health care innovation.

This partnership builds on our review of our medical research 和 our multidisciplinary research initiatives, 如 查尔斯·珀金斯中心, 和 represents a shared vision for improving access to affordable, quality healthcare.

Together we’ll seek to add value to our expertise in obesity, diabetes 和 cardiovascular diseases, 癌症, 心理健康和神经科学, 传染病, Aboriginal 和 Torres Strait Isl和er health 和 population health services.

除了研究项目, researchers 和 students will also benefit from proposed industry placements, equipment training 和 the co-development of industry-relevant courses.

In partnership with ANZ Bank, our undergraduate students have been envisioning the future of banking.

As part of our Industry 和 Community Projects Units (ICPU) program, 来自不同学科的学生组成小组,为必威体育app的合作伙伴定义的真正问题制定解决方案. 

与澳新银行, each project team explored how disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain technology 和 the emergence of open banking could affect the way the banking system operates. 而不是期末考试, 学生们将他们的发现提交必威体育app澳新银行的高级利益相关者,由他们评估他们想法的原创性和商业可行性. Learn more about the 工作 our students are doing with ANZ.

Inclusive 和 equitable 工作place policies 和 practices boost economic growth, 提高生产率, 和 build economic participation 和 inclusion across sectors, 生命阶段和人口统计. 必威体育app的工作生活中的性别平等(GEWL)研究计划正在努力通过行业间的合作建立工作场所的包容性, 政府, 和非政府组织, 在前沿研究中产生可操作的见解,组织可以用来建立真正的性别平等. 

由 AO Rae Cooper教授 和 Associate 教授 Elizabeth Hill, 该计划将必威体育app的学者与行业领袖聚集在一起,构建性别平等劳动力的愿景,将研究转化为政策,并将政策嵌入跨部门组织. 

The initiative offers a focal point for collaboration between scholars, business practitioners 和 policymakers to explore, underst和 和 respond to factors affecting individuals, 工作, 就业, 家庭和社区. GEWL关注影响劳动力的趋势,并帮助领先的学术研究为循证和可操作的政策提供信息.